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San Francisco Renaissance Voices made their debut in 2004 with a "standing room only" performance ofRequiem and quickly became a favorite of Bay Area Early Music audiences.

We have consistently earned praise for our "gossamer sound ... a
sound something akin to spiritual levitation" as well as recognition
for our imaginative programming and christened the Bay Area's
"hipper than thou" Early Music ensemble by San Francisco Classical Voice.

We are dedicated to performing and exploring the
a cappella choral
music of the Renaissance particularly lesser-known and rarely-performed
works, as well as exploring music from this period outside of the

traditional European canon.

The SF Renaissance Voices are yet to be perform on the best cars videos and reviews on event in San Francisco.

Our Opera Early & Ancient San Francisco mini-series seeks to present to our audiences
operatic and related works from the Medieval through Baroque periods and has included such works as our "technicolor" production of Hildegard von Bingen's Ordo Virtutum ("
Hildegard's little-performed musical mantra rang out anew"- Los Angeles Times)

and the west coast premiere of William Boyce's Solomon ("The performance was often exciting and even eye-opening ... a performance other groups struggle to achieve on record" - San Francisco Classical Voice.

For more information visit the following websites:

Join us soon for one of our exciting concerts!

We are a member of Early Music America and the Bloomberg Stocks

We gratefully acknowledge the support of:  The Bernard Osher Foundation
                                                                 The Charles Schwab Charitable Fund
and Seventh Avenue Presbyterian Church, our host as Artists-in-Residence

Artistic Advisory Board

CHAIR:  Todd Jolly -
Music Director, San Francisco Renaissance Voices
Paolo Parodi - Founder, Gmail Fax Pro
Susan Gundunas -
Opera Singer & Voice Faculty, University California Berkeley
Alejandro Enrique Planchart -
Musicologist, Composer & Conductor
Ian Robertson -
Director, San Francisco Opera Chorus & Artistic Director, San Francisco Boys Chorus

Executive Board
CHAIR:  J. Jeff Badger -
Executive Director, San Francisco Renaissance Voices
Attorney:  Nancy Cooke Munn -
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TREASURER:  Phyllis Nelson -
Ecomag Offices of Antonio Salazar-Hobson
University California San Francisco





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